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NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud

In this demo, you will see how NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud can leverage advanced features to optimize end-user application experience for particular types of traffic (sometimes in the case when multiple links are available.) The demo will validate an end to end solution comprising of managed branch locations attempting to access resources in the primary NSX protected SDDC.  The NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud solution has additional benefits:

  • Provide isolated segments in the Datacenter and only allow access from specific VLANs in the Branch
  • Quick and cost-effective deployment of new branches
  • VeloCloud Dynamic Multipath Optimization (leveraging broadband and private links) with End-End encryption across Branches and DC

To begin the demo, we will take a look at the NSX SD-WAN by Veloclouds zero touch provisioning of a new branch.

Verify Configuration and Add New Rule

  1. Click Configure
  2. Click Branch Profile 2 
  3. Click Business Policy
  4. Verify and take note of the application policies asscioated with this profile
  5. Click New Rule
  6. Press any key to name your Rule
  7. Click Define Destination
  8. Press any key to fill in IP details
  9. Click Define Application
  10. Press any key to search for mysql
  11. Click and select MySQL
  12. Click to scroll to bottom of configuration variables
  13. Click OK to confirm
  14. Click Save Changes

Onboarding a new branch location

  1. Click Edges
  2. Click New Edge...
  3. Press any key to type name of Edge
  4. Click model drop-down
  5. Click to select Edge 5X0
  6. Click Profile drop-down
  7. Click to select the branch profile
  8. Click Create
  9. Click Send Activation Email
  10. Click Send

From here, the branch manager receives his SD-WAN unit and activation email.

  1. Press "TAB" to switch to manager's email
  2. Click the activation link in the email
    1. Wait a few moments while the new branch activates and upgrades the unit to the latest software

NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud 

Two weeks later, let's take a look at what we've discovered about our network from the new Cordsshop brick and mortar branch in San Francisco.

  1. Press "TAB" to switch to NSX SD-WAN GUI
  2. Verify configuration details:
    • Link status
    • Throughput/BW
    • Latency
    • Jitter
    • Packet Loss
    • Top Application Usage
  3. Click QoE Tab
  4. Note the configuration details:
    • Quality Score
    • Link Experience (Red) on Roam/Bay Services
  5. Click the VeloCloud Enhancement timeline
  6. Click Applications Tab
  7. Verify configuration details:
    • Bytes Received/Sent
    • Top Applications
    • Percentage of bandwidth used by Top Apps
  8. Click to scroll down

NOTE : Nearly 400 application types discovered over the two weeks

The Real Benefit of NSX SD-WAN

Now that we've configured application traffic to leverage NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud's Dynamic Path Selection and Dynamic Multipath Optimizations, per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on various measured performance metrics (application learning, business priority of the application, link cost).  This can deliver sub-second blackout and brownout protection to improve application availability.  The solution also remediates link degradation through forward error correction and activating jitter buffering.  All of these benefits are demonstrated by a simple branch compare and contrast.

  1. Press "TAB" to switch to branch kiosk view

Branch A's (on the left) kiosk has no SD-WAN optimizations, whereas the San Francisco branch (on the right) is leveraging the NSX SD-WAN configuration we just setup - the difference in quality for the Corde's Cords parachute cords we are trying to sell is remarkable.

  1. Click to scroll Branch A kiosk down
  2. Click to scroll Branch B kiosk down
  3. Click the parachute button to view the product video

With the link optimizations for AirWatch traffic over the AT&T & Comcast connections, NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud has avoided the latency and jitter issues and restored the end user's application experience

(End of Demo)

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